BSkyBlock Island Admin Commands (Alias: /bsb)

Command Description Permission
/bsbadmin displays all BSkyBlock Commands bskyblock.island
/bsbadmin add add player to owner's team
/bsbadmin biomes Main biome addon admin command. Opens Admin GUI for players
/bsbadmin challenges Access /bsbadmin challenges admin commands bskyblock.admin.challenges
/bsbadmin deaths edit deaths of players
/bsbadmin delete deletes a player's island bskyblock.admin.delete
/bsbadmin disband disband owner's team bskyblock.mod.bypassprotect
/bsbadmin getrank get a player's rank on their island
/bsbadmin info get info on where you are or player's island
/bsbadmin kick kick a player from a team bskyblock.mod.bypassexpel
/bsbadmin level calculate the island level for player
/bsbadmin range Admin island range command
/bsbadmin register register player to unowned island you are on bskyblock.admin.register
/bsbadmin reload reload the plugin bskyblock.admin.relaod
/bsbadmin reset commands.admin.resets.reset.description bskyblock.admin.settingsreset
/bsbadmin schem manipulate schems
/bsbadmin schem copy [air] copy the clipboard set by pos1 and pos2 and optionally the air blocks
/bsbadmin schem load load schem into the clipboard
/bsbadmin schem origin set the schem's origin to your position
/bsbadmin schem paste paste the clipboard to your location
/bsbadmin schem pos1 set 1st corner of cuboid clipboard
/bsbadmin schem pos2 set 2nd corner of cuboid clipboard
/bsbadmin schem save save the copied clipboard
/bsbadmin setowner transfers island ownership to the player bskyblock.admin.register
/bsbadmin setrank set a player's rank on their island
/bsbadmin setspawn commands.admin.setspawn.description bskyblock.admin.setspawn
/bsbadmin top show the top ten list
/bsbadmin tp teleport to a player's island
/bsbadmin tpend teleport to a player's island
/bsbadmin tpnether teleport to a player's island
/bsbadmin unregister unregister owner from island, but keep island blocks bskyblock.admin.unregister
/bsbadmin version display BentoBox and addons versions bskyblock.island
/bsbadmin why toggle console protection debug reporting

BSkyBlock Island Player Commands (Alias: /is)

Command Description Permission
/island The main island command bskyblock.island
/island about About this addon bskyblock.island
/island ban ban a player from your island bskyblock.island.ban
/island banlist list banned players bskyblock.island.ban
/island biomes Main biome addon command that opens biome change GUI
/island challenges [Level] Let the player use /island challenges command bskyblock.challenges
/island create create an island bskyblock.island.create
/island go teleport you to your island bskyblock.island
/island info display info about your island or the player's island
/island language select language bskyblock.island.language
/island level [player] calculate your island level or show the level of [player]
/island reset restart your island and remove the old one bskyblock.island.reset
/island sethome set your home teleport point bskyblock.island.sethome
/island setname set a name for your island
/island settings display island settings bskyblock.island.settings
/island spawn teleport you to the spawn bskyblock.island.home
/island resetname reset your island name bskyblock.mod.resetname
/island unban unban a player from your island bskyblock.island.ban
/island team manage your team
/island team accept accept an invitation
/island team coop make a player coop rank on your island
/island team demote demote a player on your island down a rank
/island team leave leave your island
/island team invite invite a player to join your island
/island team kick remove a member from your island bskyblock.island.expel
/island team promote promote a player on your island up a rank
/island team reject reject an invitation
/island team setowner transfer your island ownership to a member
/island team trust give a player trusted rank on your island
/island top show the Top Ten
/island team uncoop remove a coop rank from player
/island team untrust remove trusted player rank from player
/island warp warp to the player's warp sign
/island warps open the warps panel

Island Settings (/is settings)

There are currently 59 Protection Settings, 6 General Settings and 17 BSkyBlock Island Settings that can be applied to the BSkyBlock Island. Each of which ENABLE or DISABLE access to one or more types of players: Visitor, Coop, Trusted, Member, Sub-Owner and Owners for that island. The below images provides the icons associated with each type and can be set by clicking once or more times to acquire the settings you desired for one or all player types.
Settings Flags to enable or disable
Protection Settings Animal riding, Anvils, Armor stands, Beacons, Beds, Break blocks, Breed animals, Brewing stands, Buckets, Buttons, Chorus fruits, Collect lava, Collect water, Egg throwing, Enchanting Table, End Portal, EnderPearls, Experience pickup, Fire, Fire extinguish, Fish scooping, Frost walker, Furnace, Gates, Hurt animals, Hurt monsters, Hurt villagers, Item drop, Item pickup, Jukebox use, Leash use, Lever use, Lock island, Milking, Mount inventory, Name tags, Nether Portal, Note block, Place blocks, Pressure Plates, Redstone items, Shearing, Spawn eggs, Next Page (sign), TNT damage, Trample crops, Trap doors, Turtle Eggs, Use doors, Villager trading, Workbenches, Use containers, Use dispensers, Use droppers, Use hoppers, Use Item Frames, Throw Potions, Previous Page (sign)
General Settings Animal spawning, End PVP, Fire spread, Monster spawning, Nether PVP, Overworld PVP
BSkyBlock Settings Chest damage, Clean Super Flat, Coarse dirt tilling, Creeper damage, Creeper griefing, Ender Chests, Enderman griefing, Enter/Exit messages, Island respawn, Offline Redstone, Piston Push, Remove monsters, Obsidian Scooping, Feather Fall Teleporting, Command Ranks, Invincible Visitors, Limit mobs to island

Last update: September 6, 2021 19:01:48