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Visit Addon#

Visit is a simple BentoBox addon that allows visiting other player islands. This is an alternative to the Warps addon.

Created and maintained by BONNe.


  1. Place the addon jar in the addons folder of the BentoBox plugin
  2. Restart the server
  3. Run the /[admincmd] visit command to configure the addon


A lot of addon settings are exposed in Admin GUI, however, some of them are not. The latest config options, and their detailed explanations can be found here.



[player_command] and [admin_command] are commands that differ depending on the gamemode you are running. The Gamemodes' config.yml file contains options that allows you to modify these values. As an example, on BSkyBlock, the default [player_command] is island, and the default [admin_command] is bsbadmin. Be aware, that this addon allows changing player commands aliases in addon config.yml file.

  • /[player_command] visit <player>: opens GUI or visits targeted player island.
  • /[player_command] visit configure: opens GUI that allows to manage visiting settings.
  • /[player_command] visit setlocation: allows to change visitor spawn location.
  • /[admin_command] visit <player>: opens GUI that allows editing addon settings and configure island data.



[gamemode] is a prefix that differs depending on the gamemode you are running. The prefix is the lowercased name of the gamemode, i.e. if you are using BSkyBlock, the prefix is bskyblock. Similarly, if you are using AcidIsland, the prefix is acidisland.

  • [gamemode].visit - Let the player use the '/[player_command] visit' command.
  • [gamemode].visit.configure - Let the player use the '/[admin_command] visit configure' command.
  • [gamemode].visit.setlocation - Let the player use the '/[admin_command] visit setlocation' command.
  • visit.icon.[material] - Allows changing icon for a player owned island in Visit GUI.
  • [gamemode].admin.visit - Let the player use the '/[admin_command] visit' command and its subcommands.
Something is missing?

You can find the comprehensive list of permissions in the addon.yml file of this addon.
If something is indeed missing from the list below, please let us know!


Addon introduces 2 BentoBox protection flags:

  • pumpkin_pie ALLOW_VISITS_FLAG: flag in island settings that allows enabling/disabling island visiting.
  • pumpkin VISIT_CONFIG_PERMISSION: flag in island permissions that allows changing which member group can change island visit settings.


Can you add a feature X?

Please add it to the list here.


We need your help!

A vast majority of strings in BentoBox and its addons can be translated into virtually any language. However, most of the translations that are provided with BentoBox or said addons are made by the community, on which we heavily rely. We cannot review all the content of these translations nor guarantee its quality, hence why we highly appreciate any contributions.

  • If your language is not available for this addon or if you would like to improve the existing translation, please read the translation guidelines and start translating!
  • If your language is not listed below, please contact us on Discord and we will setup everything so that you can start translating!
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Event that is triggered before player is teleported to the island, but after payments.

Can be cancelled. (payments are not returned on cancellation)

Link to the class: VisitEvent


  • UUID player - id of the player who tries to visit an island.
  • Island island - the island which player tries to visit.
  • boolean cancelled - the boolean that indicates if event is cancelled.

Class Loader Issue

Due Java Class Loader hierarchy, plugins cannot listen for the event directly. Only BentoBox addons can use event class directly.

Code example for Plugins

@EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.MONITOR)
public void onVisit(BentoBoxEvent event) {
    if (event.getEventName().equals("VisitEvent")) {
        UUID player = (UUID) event.getKeyValues().get("player");
        Island island = (Island) event.getKeyValues().get("island");

Code example for Addons

@EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.MONITOR)
public void onVisit(VisitEvent event) {
    UUID player = event.getPlayer();
    Island island = event.getIsland();

Last update: March 8, 2021 09:25:17