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Add-on for BentoBox to calculate island levels for AOneBlock specifically. Ranks are determined by how many magic blocks have been mined - the count.

Created and maintained by tastybento.


  1. Place the top block addon jar in the addons folder of the BentoBox plugin
  2. Restart the server
  3. The addon will create a data folder and inside the folder will be a config.yml
  4. Edit the config.yml how you want.
  5. Restart the server if you make a change


TopBlock addon has 2 general configuration things:

  • config.yml file contains default addon configuration files.
  • /panels/ contains files that manages player GUI's


Config file contains main functions for the addon.

The latest config.yml can be found here.

This section defines a number of overall settings for the add-on.


How often the Top Ten should be refreshed in minutes. Minimum is 1 minute, default is 5. Each refresh requires reading every island from the database, so this should not be done too often.

Default: 5


Allows to show shorter island level numbers.

Shows large level values rounded down, e.g., 10,345 -> 10k

Default: false

Customizable GUI's#

BentoBox 1.17 API introduced a function that allows to implement customizable GUI's. We tried to be as simple as possible for customization, however, some features requires explanation. You can find more information how BentoBox custom GUI's works here: Custom GUI's

How can I customize GUI's

Addon will create a new directory under /plugins/bentobox/addons/topblock with a name panels

Currently you can customize GUI's:

  • Top panel: top_panel - allows to see top 10 islands.
What does TOP button type?

This button is available in top_panel. It shows island at the top X by island top.

The icon by default will be PLAYER_HEAD with a proper player skin. Enabling it will replace it with specified material.

index in the data field allows to specify which place of Top 10 should be showed in current spot.

Top panel has 2 implemented actions which funstion requires extra addon:

  • warp - requires Warps addon. Will be shown only if warp sign exists on players island.
  • visit - requires Visit addon. Will be shown only if visiting is allowed on players island.

Fallback allows to change background icon, when there are no player in top spot.


    #icon: PLAYER_HEAD
    description: topblock.gui.buttons.island.description
      type: TOP
      index: 1
        click-type: LEFT
        click-type: RIGHT
      title: topblock.gui.buttons.island.empty

What does VIEW button type?

This button is available in top_panel. It shows viewer island topblock value.

The icon by default will be PLAYER_HEAD with a proper player skin. Enabling it will replace it with specified material.

The action view allows to see detailed menu of players island.


    #icon: PLAYER_HEAD
    description: topblock.gui.buttons.island.description
      type: VIEW
        click-type: unknown



[player_command] and [admin_command] are commands that differ depending on the gamemode you are running. The Gamemodes' config.yml file contains options that allows you to modify these values. As an example, on BSkyBlock, the default [player_command] is island, and the default [admin_command] is bsbadmin.

  • /[player_command] topblock: access to the top panel. Requires aoneblock.island.topblock permission.


  • aoneblock.island.topblock - (default: true) - Allows player to use the /[player_command] top command.
Something is missing?

You can find the comprehensive list of permissions in the addon.yml file of this addon.
If something is indeed missing from the list below, please let us know!



[gamemode] is a prefix that differs depending on the gamemode you are running.

The prefix is the lowercased name of the gamemode, i.e. if you are using BSkyBlock, the prefix is bskyblock.

Properly translated placeholders for each gamemode can be found:

Please read the main Placeholders page.

Placeholder Description TopBlock version
%aoneblock_island_player_name_top_<number>% Island owner's name at the <number> position 1.0.1
%aoneblock_island_member_names_top_<number>% Name of island team members at the <number> position 1.0.1
%aoneblock_island_phase_name_top_<number>% Name of the phase they have reached at the <number> position 1.0.1
%aoneblock_island_phase_number_top_<number>% Phase number (e.g. Plains is 1; Underground is 2) at the <number> position 1.0.1
%aoneblock_island_count_top_<number>% Block Count of magic blocks mined this round at the <number> position 1.0.1
%aoneblock_island_lifetime_top_<number>% Lifetime count of magic blocks mined at the <number> position 1.0.1


Can you add a feature X?

Please add it to the list here.


We need your help!

A vast majority of strings in BentoBox and its addons can be translated into virtually any language. However, most of the translations that are provided with BentoBox or said addons are made by the community, on which we heavily rely. We cannot review all the content of these translations nor guarantee its quality, hence why we highly appreciate any contributions.

  • If your language is not available for this addon or if you would like to improve the existing translation, please read the translation guidelines and start translating!
  • If your language is not listed below, please contact us on Discord and we will setup everything so that you can start translating!
Available Language Language code Progress
English (United States) en-US 100% (Default)
Chinese, China zh-CN progress
Chinese, Hong Kong zh-HK progress
Chinese, Taiwan zh-TW progress
Croatian hr progress
Czech cs progress
French fr progress
German de progress
Hungarian hu progress
Indonesian id progress
Italian it progress
Japanese ja progress
Korean ko progress
Latvian lv progress
Polish pl progress
Portuguese pt progress
Romanian ro progress
Russian ru progress
Spanish es progress
Turkish tr progress
Vietnamese vi progress
Ukrainian uk progress
Dutch nl progress


Maven Dependency#

TopBlock provides an API for other plugins.


Add the TopBlock dependency to your Maven POM.xml:



The JavaDocs for TopBlock can be found here.

Last update: January 8, 2024 03:23:57