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Limits allows you to limit island blocks and entities in GameModes like BSkyBlock and AcidIsland.

This addon was made to help limit lag-inducing entities or blocks, e.g., hoppers. It can be used to limit regular blocks and entities but not all can be limited.

Created and maintained by tastybento.


  1. Place the Limits addon jar in the addons folder of the BentoBox plugin
  2. Restart the server
  3. The addon will create a data folder and inside the folder will be a config.yml
  4. Edit the config.yml how you want.
  5. Restart the server if you make a change


There is a user command and an admin command called "limits". Admins can check the limits of a specific island owner. Both show a GUI panel with the limits and the current count.

Setup - Config.yml#

The config.yml has the following sections:

  • blocklimits
  • worlds
  • entitylimits


This section lists the maximum number of blocks allowed for each block material. Do not use non-block materials because they will not work. The limits apply to all game worlds.


This section lists block limits for specific worlds. You must name the world specifically, e.g. AcidIsland_world and then list the materials and the limit.


This section lists the default entity limits within a player's island space (protected area and to island limit). A limit of 5 will allow up to 5 entities in over world. Affects all types of creature spawning. Also includes entities like MINECARTS. Note that entity limits are no longer supported in the Nether and End because limits require chunks to be loaded to count entities and it causes too much lag.

Note: Only the first 49 limited blocks and entities are shown in the limits GUI.


Experimental feature

The following feature is only available in development builds, which you may find on

    limit: 2
      - COW
      - SHEEP
    limit: 4
      - ZOMBIE
      - CREEPER


Island owners can have exclusive permissions that override the default or world settings. The format is:

Format is GAME-MODE-NAME.island.limit.MATERIAL.LIMIT

example: bskyblock.island.limit.hopper.10

Permissions activate when the player logs in.

Usage permissions are (put the gamemode name, e.g. acidisland at the front):

    description: Player can use limits command
    default: true
    description: Player can bypass limits
    default: op
    description: Player can use admin limits command
    default: op

Full permissions are listed here.



[gamemode] is a prefix that differs depending on the gamemode you are running.

The prefix is the lowercased name of the gamemode, i.e. if you are using BSkyBlock, the prefix is bskyblock.

Properly translated placeholders for each gamemode can be found:

Please read the main Placeholders page.

Placeholder Description Limits version
%Limits_[gamemode]_island_[material]_count% Current count of material (lower cased) on the island 1.17.2
%Limits_[gamemode]_island_[material]_limit% The limit of material (lower cased) for the island 1.17.2


We need your help!

A vast majority of strings in BentoBox and its addons can be translated into virtually any language. However, most of the translations that are provided with BentoBox or said addons are made by the community, on which we heavily rely. We cannot review all the content of these translations nor guarantee its quality, hence why we highly appreciate any contributions.

  • If your language is not available for this addon or if you would like to improve the existing translation, please read the translation guidelines and start translating!
  • If your language is not listed below, please contact us on Discord and we will setup everything so that you can start translating!
Available Language Language code Progress
English (United States) en-US 100% (Default)
Chinese, China zh-CN progress
Chinese, Hong Kong zh-HK progress
Chinese, Taiwan zh-TW progress
Croatian hr progress
Czech cs progress
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Italian it progress
Japanese ja progress
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Latvian lv progress
Polish pl progress
Portuguese pt progress
Romanian ro progress
Russian ru progress
Spanish es progress
Turkish tr progress
Vietnamese vi progress
Ukrainian uk progress
Dutch nl progress

Items that cannot be limited#

Some items cannot be limited (right now). The reasons are usually because there are too many ways to remove the item without it being tracked. If you are a programmer and can work out how to fix these, then please submit a PR!

  • Primed TNT
  • Evoker Fangs
  • Llama Spit
  • Dragon Fireball
  • Area Effect Cloud
  • Ender signal
  • Small fireball
  • Fireball
  • Thrown Exp Bottle
  • Shulker Bullet
  • Wither Skull
  • Tridents
  • Arrows
  • Spectral Arrows
  • Snowballs
  • Eggs
  • Leashes
  • Ender crystals
  • Ender pearls
  • Ender dragon
  • Item frames
  • Paintings

Last update: July 8, 2023 17:29:47