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Set a BentoBox world as the server's default world


Setting a BentoBox world as the server default world allows to avoid the generation of the default vanilla worlds.


In this step-by-step example/tutorial, we are considering you are doing this for BSkyBlock. The process is the same for other gamemodes, but mind the worlds' names!


  1. The whole procedure needs to be executed while the server is switched off.
  2. Delete the vanilla worlds (world, world_nether, world_the_end) by deleting their folders.

worlds to delete

Highlighted folders are those of the default world. They must be deleted.

Open the file.

Find the following line:


Replace world with the name of the BentoBox world. It usually is [gamemode]_world, where [gamemode] is the lowercased gamemode's name (e.g. bskyblock or caveblock). However, it can be modified in the gamemode's config.yml file, so make sure it is the correct one.

For the sake of simplicity, we will expect the world name to remain untouched and generic, and therefore being bskyblock_world.

The line should now look like this:



Open the bukkit.yml file: we need to tell Bukkit that the default world uses a custom generator, otherwise it will mess up the world generation. Note that if you want to use the vanilla nether or end, do not list them in this file.

The configuration section we're adding likely does not exist already in your bukkit.yml file, so you need to create it. See the official Bukkit Wiki for more details about the section.

Add the following section to your file. The names listed must be the names of the worlds:

    generator: BentoBox
    generator: BentoBox
    generator: BentoBox

If you are going to use the vanilla nether or end, do not list them. Just list the overworld. For example:

    generator: BentoBox

Last update: December 27, 2023 15:00:19