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Island Protection, Flags & Ranks#


Player (and even Environment, such as entities, pistons...) interactions with islands are ruled by a set of Flags that determine who or what can do what on an island. These Flags are mostly handled and provided by BentoBox, yet addons (e.g. Greenhouses) can add their own.

See a list of flags here.

Settings Panel#

The Settings Panel is the GUI in which the island owner is able to edit how the Flags are configured for his island. Other players, including island members, are only able to view them.

This GUI can be opened using the following command: /[player_command] settings (which requires the following permission: [gamemode].island.settings).

Default view of the Settings Panel

Default view of the Settings Panel.

Admins can change the settings of a player's island by using the admin settings command: /[admin_command] settings <player_name>

Protection Tab#

The Protection Tab is the tab displayed upon opening the Setting Panel. It includes the Protection Flags.

Protection Flags are Flags that can be set by rank. By left- or right-clicking on the icon of a Flag, the island owner will cycle through the various ranks so that the interaction the Flag is ruling will be allowed or disallowed depending on the rank of a player.

Example of a Protection Flag

Example of a Protection Flag.

By default, most of the Protection Flags are set to allow only island members (or above rank) to do the interaction. However, some are initially allowed for visitors too. See [the gamemode's config.yml].

Example of a Protection Flag which is, by default, allowing visitors to do the interaction.

Example of a Protection Flag which is, by default, allowing visitors to do the interaction.

Admins can set how protections will work outside of island boundaries by using the admin settings command: /[admin_command] settings

Settings Tab#

Display mode#

As of BentoBox 1.6.0, various amounts of Flags can be displayed in the Settings Panel, depending on the display mode. It is either BASIC, ADVANCED or EXPERT. The display mode can be changed by clicking on the ingot in the top-right corner of the Settings Panel.

Changing the display mode.

BASIC is the default display mode and features the Flags we deem essential to manage the island.

Basic Protection Flags

ADVANCED features more Flags to allow further customization of the island.

Advanced Protection Flags

EXPERT features all the available Flags. There are so many that it requires additional pages.

Expert Protection Flags

Hide Flags#

As of BentoBox 1.4.0, admins can hide Flags in the GUI by opening the Settings Panel and Shift+Left Button on the icon of the Flag they want to hide. This will apply a "Curse of Vanishing" enchantment to the icon and will result in the corresponding Flag being hidden to the players. Admins can later unhide the Flag by reiterating the same procedure.

Default flags

Player's view of all the basic Flags being allowed to be displayed.

Curse of Vanishing

The "Curse of Vanishing" being applied to one of the Flag.

A bunch of hidden flags

Player's view of the basic Flags, with the "trapdoor" Flag being hidden.



  • BANNED: -1 (partially unused)
  • VISITOR: 0
  • COOP: 200
  • TRUSTED: 400
  • MEMBER: 500
  • SUB-OWNER: 900
  • OWNER: 1000
  • MOD: 5000 (unused)
  • ADMIN: 10000 (unused)

Bypass the protection#

Admin Settings Panel#

World Settings#

World Default Protection#

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