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Video tutorial#

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BentoBox is a powerful yet specific plugin to install and run on your server. We at BentoBoxWorld have discussed lengthily the most user-friendly installation method that would fit the best the defining features of BentoBox.

Compared to most Spigot plugins, BentoBox's installation will take a bit more time than a quick drag-and-drop in your server's plugins folder; but the countless possibilities it will bring you are worth it.

Let's get started!

Download BentoBox#

You can download BentoBox for free on different websites. Official releases can be found on the plugin's Spigot page or in the GitHub Releases tab, whereas untested development builds can be downloaded from Jenkins.

Setup BentoBox#

Once you have downloaded BentoBox, you have to put it in your server's plugins folder. Unlike ASkyBlock, there are no required dependencies: BentoBox will automatically hook into plugins it finds (such as Vault, PlaceholderAPI, Multiverse-Core, ...) to extend its capacity.

Boot up your server and wait until all plugins are fully enabled. If you connect on your server, you will notice BentoBox doesn't do anything special. As a matter of fact, BentoBox does nothing on its own: it needs you to add Addons so it can "learn" to manage e.g. the Skyblock gamemode.

Now, turn off your server. You can have a look at BentoBox's config.yml file.

Install Addons#

Addons are what makes BentoBox special. However, note that these are not plugins: they won't launch if you just put them in the plugins folder.

Firstly, you need to download the Addons you want to add to your server. Official ones can be found in BentoBoxWorld's repositories list and can be downloaded from their Releases tab (or from Jenkins for untested development builds). We will setup a website at some point so it gets easier for you to download them later on.

Once you have downloaded everything you need, you just have to put them all in the plugins\BentoBox\addons folder, boot up your server so that config files and folders get created, and finally turn it off again in order to be able to edit everything without causing any harm to your server.

Please note that Addons may sometimes be incompatible with the version of BentoBox you're using. Official Addons will always be provided with a clear statement of which version they support. However, note that they often support newer versions without needing to be updated.


You should be good to go! We are glad you are using our plugin, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy improving it.

Last update: February 13, 2023 07:52:13