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How to fill in the addon.yml file?#

What is this file?#

The addon.yml file gives precious information about your addon to BSkyBlock when it tries to load it. This file consists in a set of attributes, each one being defined on a new line and without any indentation.

Without this file or if it isn't correctly filled in, BSkyBlock won't load your addon and mark it as INVALID_DESCRIPTION.

Mandatory attributes#


Description: The name of this addon.


name: "MySuperAddon"

Notes: 1. Must consist in all alphanumeric characters and underscores (a-z,A-Z,0-9, _). 2. Spaces are not supported and will be automatically converted to underscores. 3. It is used to identify the addon inside the entire BSkyBlock's API. 4. Displayed when the user types /bsadmin version YourSuperAddon.


Description: Address that points to the class extending BSAddon.


main: fr.poslovitch.myaddon.MySuperAddon

Notes: 1. This must contain the full namespace including the class file itself, like Bukkit. Therefore if your namespace is fr.poslovitch.myaddon, and your class file is called MySuperAddon, this must be fr.poslovitch.myaddon.MySuperAddon.


Description: The version of your addon.


version: 1.0.0

Notes: 1. Version is an arbitrary string, however the most common format is MajorRelease.MinorRelease.FixRelease (e.g: 3.6.1). 2. Displayed when the user types /bsadmin version YourSuperAddon.

Optional attributes#

Mandatory attributes aside, there are a few more attributes that can be useful to give more information about your addon to BSkyBlock.

These attributes are optional.


Description: Allows you to list all the super kind devs that made this addon, or just you.


authors: ["Poslovitch", "Tastybento", "you, maybe? :P"]
# Don't hesitate to add our nicknames into the authors list of your addon, we would appreciate that!

Notes: 1. Gives credit to the developer(s) 2. Displayed when the user types /bsadmin version YourSuperAddon.


Description: Chicken-friendly description of the functionality your addon provides.


description: "It makes you die when you jump. So 2017."

Notes: 1. The description can have multiple lines (cause you need a lot of place to explain what your super addon is doing!). 2. Displayed when the user types /bsadmin version YourSuperAddon.


Description: The plugin's or author's website.


website: ""

Notes: 1. If you have no dedicated website, a link to the addon's GitHub repository should do the job. 2. Displayed when the user types /bsadmin version YourSuperAddon.

Last update: March 21, 2023 00:49:28