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BentoBox manages teams for game modes. Teams enable players to group together on one island. Teams have one owner, or leader, and at least one team member.

Team commands#

This is a list of team commands available to players. The command is used after the main player command, for example /island team for BSkyBlock.

Command Description Permission
team manage your team [gamemode]
team accept accept an invitation [gamemode]
team coop make a player coop rank on your island [gamemode]
team demote demote a player on your island down a rank [gamemode]
team leave leave your island [gamemode]
team invite invite a player to join your island [gamemode]
team kick remove a member from your island [gamemode].island.expel
team promote promote a player on your island up a rank [gamemode]
team reject reject an invitation [gamemode]
team setowner transfer your island ownership to a member [gamemode]
team trust give a player trusted rank on your island [gamemode]

The Main Team Command#

The main team command is team. To issue this command you must have an island. If run by itself, it will provide the following information to the player:

  • If the player is the owner, it will tell them how many players they can invite onto their team.
  • It will show all the members of the team. This includes info on the player's ranks, online/offline status, and when they were last seen online.

Team Sizes#

Teams can be any size and the maximum size can be set globally on a gamemode-basis or determine by a numbered permission given to the team owner. The default max team size is 4. The maximum number of coop and trusted members is also set to 4.

Team Member Ranks#

BentoBox has the following team ranks built-in: * Owner - this is the owner of the island. There can be only one owner. * Sub-Owner - this is a member rank that has almost the same permissions as the owner. There can be multiple sub-owners. * Member - this is the default member rank.

Non-team member ranks#

Islands have other ranks that are related to teams but are not team members: * Trusted - this is a non-team member who has permanent permissions on the island, i.e., they have them until they are untrusted by a team member. * Coop - this is a non-team member who has temporary permissions on the island and these permissions will cease if the team member who gave them logs off, or if they are uncoop-ed. * Visitor - this is the default rank for any players who visit the island * Banned - these players have been banned by a team member and cannot enter the island

Configurable Rank Commands#

The owner of the island is able to grant access to team management commands to lower ranks via the Command Ranks menu in the in-game settings menu. This enables the owner to allow other members to invite other members, for example.

Promotion and Demotion#

Team members can be promoted or demoted by the island owner or an island member who has the rank required to use these commands.

A player cannot demote or promote themselves.

Currently, the only promotion or demotion possible is between the ranks of Member and Sub-Owner. In the future, additional ranks or custom ranks may be possible.

Joining Teams#


Players can be invited to join a team using the team invite command. To invite players to join a team, the inviter must be an island owner or have sufficient rank to use the command (see Configurable Rank Command). Players are invited by name and must be online. Invites can only be made to players who are not already on a team. If a player wants to switch teams, they must leave their current team before they can be invited. Invited players cannot be invited again until they reject the invite. Invited players can only have one active invite at a time. This includes team, coop and trusted invites. If a player receives a new valid invite while another is pending, the old one is replaced by the new invite. If the island team size is already at the maximum, the invite command will tell the user that the island is full.

API: After all validation checks are complete, but before the invite is sent, the TeamInviteEvent will be fired. If this event is canceled then the invite will not be sent.


Invites can be abused by players, so BentoBox prevents the same player being invited to an island in the cool down period. The cool down is imposed on the island as a whole, so it is not possible for various members of the island to spam another player with invites. The default cool down times for the various invites are: * Team member - 60 minutes * Coop invite - 5 minutes * Trusted invite - 5 minutes See the game mode's config.yml to change.

Checking invites#

A player can check who has invited them by using the invite command with no arguments. This will show any current team, coop or trusted invites.

Accepting an invite#

A player accepts an invite by issuing the team invite accept command.


The admin can decide whether confirmation is required or not for this command. The default is to require it for team membership but not require it for coop or trusted status. This is because team members lose their island if they join another one. If confirmation is required, the player will receive a warning that if they have an island then it will be lost. Once the player accepts the invite a second time, they will become a team member and teleport to the team island.

There is a small chance that the inviter loses the rank required to invite players before the player accepts the invite. In this case, the acceptance will not process and the user will be told that the invite is no longer valid.

Accessability: The default cool down response time is set globally for all game modes in BentoBox's config.yml and is 10 seconds. Extend this value if your players need more time to confirm commands. Remember that hitting the up arrow when in command mode will show the previous command so it is not required to type in the whole command again to confirm.

API: After all validation checks are complete, but before the invite is sent, the TeamJoinEvent will be fired. If this event is canceled then the invite will not be sent. Once the player has joined the island, there are subsequent events that are fired depending on the invite type: * TeamJoinedEvent that is fired once the player joins the island team. * IslandRankChange is fired to indicate the new player rank of member, trusted or coop. These subsequent events are for notification and cannot be canceled.

Process of becoming a team member#

BentoBox performs the following steps to make a player a team member:

  1. Removes the invite.
  2. Removes the player as owner of their old island (remember, team members cannot join another team, so only owners or those with no island can become members).
  3. Cleans up the player based on settings - see game mode's config.yml:
    • Ender chest inventory (default: do nothing)
    • Player inventory (default: do not change see note below!)
    • Money (default: do not zero)
    • Restores health (default: restore all health)
    • Restores hunger (default: remove all hunger)
    • Zeros experience points (default: do not zero)
  4. Adds the player as a team member of the new island.
  5. Clears out the old home locations.
  6. Teleports the player to their new island home.
  7. Starts to delete the old island.
  8. Resets their death counter, if the admin has set that setting.
  9. Tells the player that they have joined the new island.
  10. Tells the inviter that the player has joined the team island.
  11. Saves the island to the database.
  12. Fires the notification events.

Reseting Player Inventory Admins should change this setting to clear player's inventory when they join a team! The reason why it is not set is to avoid accidents during installation. Some admins do not understand that joining an island will clear their inventory and so we decided to take the "do no harm" approach and leave inventories alone. However, to avoid exploits, it should be cleared.

Rejecting an invite#

A player rejects an invite by issuing the team invite reject command.

A player must have a valid invite to reject otherwise they just receive an error.

API: If a player has a valid invite pending then the TeamRejectEvent will be fired. If this event is canceled then the invite will not be rejected and the command will fail silently. The canceling code is recommended to inform the user why the rejection did not happen.

Once the validations checks are complete, the invite will be rejected and the inviter will be notified.

Changing Team Ownership#

Owners can make another team member an owner using the team setowner command with the new owner's name as the parameter.

API: After the various checks are done to confirm the command can be executed but before it is executed, the TeamSetownerEvent is fired. If this event is canceled then the ownership change will not occur and the command will fail silently. The canceling code is recommended to inform the user why the change did not happen.

Once the ownership changes, there are two IslandRankChange events that are fired: one for the new owner and one for the old owner.

Owners must select a new owner before that can leave a team.

Kicking A Player#

Sometimes a team member needs to be forced out of a team. This is done using the team kick command. The owner can always kick players and the owner can allow lower-ranked team members to kick too via the Command Ranks menu in island settings. The team member does not have to be online to be kicked.

The command by default required confirmation. This can be configured in BentoBox's config.yml.

When a player is kicked, the following happens:

  1. The kicked player is notified (if online)
  2. The player is removed from the island
  3. If there are any commands configured to be run when a player leaves an island (see the GameMode's config.yml) then they will be executed at this point.
  4. The player is "cleaned" based on the config settings:
  5. Ender chest is reset (default: do not reset). If the player is offline and resetting is to be done, then it is queued for when they next log in.
  6. Inventory reset (default: do not clear). If the player is offline and resetting is to be done, then it is queued for when they next log in.
  7. Money reset (default: do not reset). This can happen even if the player is offline.
  8. Set health to maximum (default: do not do anything). Only occurs if the player is online.
  9. Set food level to maximum (default: do not do anything). Only occurs if the player is online.
  10. Zero experience points (default: do not do anything). Only occurs if the player is online.
  11. The kicker is informed that the kick is successful.
  12. Notification events are fired. API: Two events are fired - TeamKickEvent and IslandRankChangeEvent. The latter notifies that the player now has the Visitor rank.
  13. An invite cool down is applied to both the kicker and the kicked player. This helps limit any potential exploits that involve team members kicking players and then inviting them back immediately.

Leaving a Team#

A player can voluntarily leave a team using the team leave command. The command requires confirmation by default, but this can be switched off in the BentoBox's config. When leaving a team voluntarily, a player may use up one of their allowed island resets. This is set in the GameMode's config and the default is not to lose a reset. If the player will lose a reset, then they will be warned about it if the leave command has a confirmation requirements. Note: is it possible for a player to use up all their resets by leaving a team and therefore not be able to make a new island of their own. That is something admins will have to consider.

When a player leaves the island, the sequence and process is the same as when a player is kicked, except that the player may lose a reset.

API: After the player leaves the team, two notification events are fired: TeamLeaveEvent and IslandRankChangeEvent. The latter notifies that the player now has the Visitor rank.

Trusting and Cooping Other Players#

Sometimes players want to help out on other islands without having to join the team as a full member. This can be done by trusting a player or cooping an online player:

  • team trust <player>: the player becomes a permanent member of the island at a rank below Member
  • team coop <player>: the player becomes a temporary member of the island at a rank below Trusted

Island owners can trust or coops players and also enable lower-ranked players to use these commands via the Command Ranks page in the island settings.

These commands actually send an invite to the player that they can accept or reject, just like the team join command. If the invite is rejected, it will not be possible to send another invite for a cool down period, which is set to 5 minutes by default. This protects players from invite-spam.

If a player already has an invite pending from someone else or for a different rank, then that invite will be replaced by this one.

Once accepted, the player will receive the rank given for the new island. The inviter is notified of the acceptance.

API: One notification event is fired: IslandRankChangeEvent indicating the new Trusted or Coop rank.

Coop players hold their rank until the player who invited them logs out, or until the server shuts down, whichever occurs first.

Untrusting or uncooping players#

Island owners, or players with a high enough rank can issue the team untrusted or team uncoop commands to remove players from the team with these ranks.

API: If successful, an IslandRankChangeEvent event will be fired for the affected player marking them now as having the Visitor rank.

Last update: March 21, 2023 00:49:28